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Billy Idol Ticket Giveaway!! (and other things...)

Hello!! I hope you are all enjoying the bipolar weather that is spring in Portland and enjoying some of the Rose Festival and Pride festivities.

Things in the real estate world are busy and I'm having a great time helping clients buy and sell homes and investment properties. I've been working with lenders who have great programs for those seeking low downpayment options and there are some amazing down payment assistant programs that just came out for those looking to buy within the City limits of Portland. (Tell your friends who are still renting to call me & I'll get them hooked up with some lender recommendations.)

In that spirit I'm doing a giveaway! I have two sets of tickets to Billy Idol at the Oregon Zoo on September 12th and I'm giving them to the next two people who send me referrals who are ready to buy, sell, or both!!


In the last news letter I told you a bit about becoming an earthadvantage broker. Well, one of the main reasons I worked for that was to earn the ADU Specialist broker designation. And now I am one! If you ever have questions or are thinking about an ADU, either on your current property or on a new one, feel free to get in touch!


June brings us the longest daylight hours so it's a great time to get outside and take care of a couple of things! I don't want to give you chores, but if you're interested in a couple of maintenance tips here are my suggestions for this month:

  • Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Service air conditioning unit, consider having them service your furnace at the same time so you're good to go when fall returns.

  • Swap out seasonal clothes and bedding.

  • Turn over mattresses.

  • Organize garage for summer activities.

  • Power wash the patio and clean off outdoor furniture.

  • Plant your sun loving herbs and other edibles like pumpkins, melons, beets, carrots, beans and your favorite squashes. If you haven't started tomatoes yet it's a great time to get some starts! I've been loving the selection at Garden Fever at NE 24th & Fremont and City Farm on N Lombard.

As always, if you have any real estate questions or needs, or just want to get a drink and catch up, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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